If you have a damp or flooded basement or cellar, large, small domestic or commercial then you have come to the right place for cellar conversions advice. Basement conversion, it’s what we do best!!!

With a wealth of building experience, KHL specialize in all aspects of cellar conversion and basement construction. We provide a wide range of different services including design, excavation, underpinning, construction, tanking, waterproofing and fit-out.

  1. Site Visit & Initial Consultation
  2. Predesign & Budget Estimate
  3. Your Decision
  4. Architectural Design
  5. Planning Application
  6. Structural Design
  7. Project Review & Adjustments
  8. Contract & Start on Site
  9. Construction
  10. Quality Control
  11. Guarantees & Insurance


Basements can be the hardest part of a house to decorate. They tend to be dark, gloomy and sometimes damp. Too often they become dumping ground for old furniture and other things you don’t want seen on the upper floors. But with the right light, colors and attention to detail a basement can become just as beautiful as any other room in the house.